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What are functional chewing gums?

gomme da masticare funzionali


Chewing gum or chewing gum has been part of human history for centuries. In fact, the Mayas were the first to extract rubber from the plant Manilkara chicle.

Today, chewing gums are widespread everywhere and more and more people decide to use them to take medicines and supplements without the need for water.

Why we love chewing gum

Although the invention of American rubber as we know it dates back to the 1860s, its diffusion in Europe took place later. The popularity of chewing gum in the old continent is closely linked to the events of the Second World War. In fact, the American army was the first to supply, in the famous k ration, gums to its soldiers engaged in the field, to help them with oral hygiene and reduce the tension of the clashes with chewing.

From the few flavors available in the 1940s, such as mint and cinnamon, we will gradually arrive at today's endless choice, which includes chewing gum made with natural or synthetic rubber, with sweeteners and flavorings but also, in the most products, active ingredients and vitamins.

Fresh breath? Much more

Chewing gums are not just an aid to oral hygiene outside the home or a pleasant confectionery product. For some time now these have in fact been used successfully as a support to provide those who take them with medicines and supplements in a format effective and captivating that can be carried anywhere in a practical way and taken without the need for water. One of the first examples of this paradigm shift is perhaps that of nicotine gum, one of the most used methods for quitting smoking in the world.

It should also be noted that the latest developments in the pharmaceutical field have allowed new cold processing of rubber. These, compared to the traditional hot extrusion, allow to fully preserve the advantages of the substances that you decide to insert inside the support.

The NTP Biotech products take advantage of the latest technologies to offer practical and rapidly absorbed products, which meet the needs of food integration of a increasingly large audience.

The range of NTP Biotech functional chewing gums

NTP Biotech functional chewing gums have different formulations to adapt to your lifestyle:

  • The functional gums for sportsmen TONUS GUM are ideal after demanding training or study sessions, promoting recovery and concentration;
  • The DIET PLAN GUM supplement is the ideal ally for anyone trying to lose weight. These chewable gums will help you fight nervous hunger and stimulate your metabolism;
  • NO STRESS GUM, based on tryptophan and plant extracts of lemon balm and skullcap, promotes relaxation and mental well-being.
  • The alternative to coffee is ENERGY GUM, with caffeine;
  • NO ACID GUM, the functional anti-reflux gum also suitable during pregnancy;
  • BODY DRAIN GUM, to combat water retention based on draining substances.

The range of NTP Biotech chewable food supplements is constantly growing, to include even more beneficial substances and provide them in a quick-release format, portable everywhere, and assimilable without the need for water.