Food supplements in chewing gum

integratori alimentari in chewing gum




The name functional chewing gum identifies a specific category of sugar-free chewing gum food supplements, which provide an additional practical function that goes beyond the pleasure of chewing.

This additional practical function consists in providing a supplementary supply of vitamins, minerals and phyto-complexes in case of deficiency or increased need.

In simple terms, the functional chewing gum is a food supplement!

Functional chewing gums are in fact not simple chewing gums, but are to all intents and purposes food supplements, administered in an innovative form which, in addition to the advantages of chewing and the pleasure of a refreshing taste, allow the consumer to take care of their well-being in an effective, pleasant and constant way!

Unlike traditional chewing gums manufactured by extrusion (a manufacturing method that reaches high temperatures), NTP BIOTECH functional chewing gums are produced with an innovative method of cold compression. Cold processing allows to maintain the integrity of the active components such as extracts, minerals, vitamins which are notoriously thermolabile, i.e. not resistant to high temperatures.

With NTP Biotech functional chewing gum you can therefore take care of yourself and take the supplements you need, at any time and in any circumstance, without the constraint of necessarily having 'water.

NTP Biotech is the only company specialized in the direct sale to the consumer of a wide range of food supplements in functional chewing gum.


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