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Tonus Gum, supplement for mental fatigue


The sense of mental tiredness and fatigue is one of the most common of the new millennium. You no longer have time to rest, now you run fast like a high-speed train. So what to do when you have dead batteries but you can't stop? Tonus Gum could be the ally to improve your energy and vitality!

Tonus Gum is just one of the latest news from NTP BIOTECH, a company specializing in the sale of food supplements in sugar-free chewing gum, otherwise known as “functional chewing gum”.

NTP BIOTECH produces various food supplements in chewing-gum format against old age, mental tiredness, drowsiness and draining. They help concentration and release mental energy, help control the sense of hunger, help maintain an optimal weight. In short, a real concrete help for your health, you just need to choose the one that best suits you!

Let's clarify…

… What a struggle!

The sense of tiredness can be physical, mental or involve both aspects: this condition bears the name asthenia (from the Greek term asthenes which translates as "absence of strength" ). Not everyone suffers from this problem all the time, but it is very common to feel a sense of tiredness accompanied by a lack of energy, especially if you are a busy person.

This sense of weakness can be felt by everyone without distinction: men, women, children, the elderly and the young. It can present itself with different intensities, from mild and transient forms, moderate forms, up to intense states. In that case it would be advisable to communicate it to a doctor.

The causes

There are many causes due to lack of energy and tiredness, but the most common are:

  • Low pressure;
  • Anemia;
  • Post-flu;
  • Change of season;
  • Excessive physical activity.

A prolonged feeling of tiredness can also develop as a consequence of the "burn-out syndrome", a concept which in psychology indicates a form of physical and/or mental exhaustion that develops in a particularly stressful working environment.

Moreover, in these two years there have been many people who have experienced this sense of tiredness and lack of energy after contracting Covid-19. A prolonged sensation that persists despite rest or good sleep. Several studies have confirmed that a very high percentage of patients suffering from the so-called Long Covid suffer from fatigue.

The symptoms

So what are the most common symptoms due to this sense of fatigue? Let's discover them together:

  • Lack of physical strength;
  • Mental and/or physical tiredness;
  • Sense of exhaustion;
  • Slow movement;
  • Muscle weakness;

These are certainly the most common symptoms but there are several and, regardless of the intensity, you can understand when to ask for an expert's opinion.

How to counteract tiredness and lack of energy? Some tips

If this physical condition were linked to transient causes, it could be useful to adopt daily actions such as:

  • Following a balanced diet;
  • Constantly hydrate;
  • Avoid particularly polluting or too hot environments;
  • Avoid unhealthy diets such as fast food and preserved foods;
  • Do not exaggerate with alcohol and spirits;
  • To rest;
  • Allow yourself moments of recovery after physical activity;
  • Do not skip main meals;
  • Using supplements.

It is clear that if the problem were to persist in serious forms, it would be more than appropriate to consult a specialist and agree on medical therapy.


To accompany your healthy lifestyle, there can only be Tonus Gum, a food supplement in chewing-gum with natural extracts and nutrients developed to improve the energy and vitality of the body and to relieve the sense of fatigue.

Tonus Gum is the perfect ally to counteract the sense of tiredness and thus improve your energy, you just need to always carry it with you! Imagine a food supplement, in chewing-gum format, that doesn't need water... You just need to chew it like gum. Thanks to the use of an innovative cold compression technology that allows the properties of its active components to be kept unaltered, the functional mint-flavored chewing-gums guarantee rapid release in just 5 minutes.

What are the properties of Tonus Gum functional chewing gum?

Coenzyme Q10 helps to supply cells with energy, it seems to exert an antioxidant action. The Ginseng, on the other hand, helps to recover physical and mental energy. Promotes cellular metabolism and energy production. Increases the body's resistance and rebalances it, improves concentration. Arginine is an essential amino acid for athletes and sportsmen. Helps build and strengthen muscle mass. L-carnitine plays a very important role in energy production by transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria of cells. Guarana helps fight mental tiredness. It is an excellent tonic - stimulating both physically and cerebrally thanks to the high presence of caffeine, particularly useful for those who play sports. Finally, the Rhodiola rosea, super tonic, is a valid support for strengthening memory and learning, for improving physical performance and resistance to fatigue.

Why use Tonus Gum?

Fights mental tiredness, provides energy from multiple sources, improves concentration, increases physical performance and is suitable for athletes. One chewing gum a day is recommended and it is advisable to chew for 10/15 minutes to guarantee the release of the nutritional components; to be taken preferably away from meals.

Another valid alternative could be Energy Gum, a food supplement in chewing-gum with extracts from caffeine useful for supporting the body in case of fatigue, lack of tone and drop in energy. Invigorates tiredness and drowsiness, can temporarily restore mental activity.



No Acid Gum is food supplement in chewing-gum based on Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Hydroxide and dry extract of Chios Mastic, indicated to counteract stomach acid and to promote function of the digestive system.

Why use it?

Reduces heartburn, counteracts gastric reflux, is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is a practical food supplement that provides a quick and effective solution to get rid of that annoying gastric reflux and hyperacidosis in a few minutes and give you a feeling of relief, lightness and well-being to continue your day in the best possible way.