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When and why to use food supplements for children

integratori per bambini


Food supplements for children can be a valid aid to the well-being of our children on many occasions, provided they are chosen and administered with care.

The very etymology of the word supplement suggests that these cannot completely replace the intake of nutrients through a varied and balanced diet. In some cases, however, these products are essential to assist in the resolution of potential nutrient deficiencies and maintain the health and well-being of the little ones.

On What Occasions Can a Supplement For Children Be Used

Some supplements for children can be useful from the time of pregnancy. Among these, the most popular is certainly folic acid, recommended during pregnancy to counteract the emergence of potential problems in the development of the neural tube of the fetus, which can lead to serious malformations such as spina bifida.

Speaking instead of children over three years of age, it may be important to supply vitamins to their body especially in particular cases, such as for example:

  • In the case of very restricted diets or vegan diets

  • Especially for vegan children, it is often essential to integrate a source of vitamin B12. This substance is in fact present in greater quantities (although sometimes not sufficient) in animal derivatives, a food category excluded from the vegan diet. A chronic vitamin B12 deficiency can also have serious effects on the health of the child, so integration with foods based on this vitamin is essential.

  • In case of pathologies that lead to malabsorption

  • According to the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, The term malabsorption syndrome “refers to a group of diseases characterized by insufficient absorption by the intestinal mucosa of nutrients from food, such as vitamins and mineral salts”. Unfortunately, this condition is sometimes genetically determined, and therefore cannot be resolved definitively. For example, one of the most common causes of malabsorption is celiac disease. food supplements for children are used in these areas to prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies and therefore limit the possibility that this syndrome has serious consequences for the quality of life of the affected child.

  • In case of obesity of the child.

  • Childhood obesity is a widespread problem in Italy, where one in four children is obese. Although in rare cases the causes can be found in hormonal alterations or adrenal dysfunction, the greater incidence of the condition is linked to environmental factors. Among these, the main ones are an unbalanced diet, with high and prolonged caloric intakes, and a sedentary lifestyle. These behaviors are often linked to family habits, and although certain evidence of the genetic inheritance of obesity has not yet been identified, poor food education and lack of motor stimuli mean that there is a high correlation between obesity parent and child.

    In this case, for taking vitamins and other supplements, especially if on a long-term basis, it is recommended to consult a pediatrician who will be able to evaluate the particular condition of the young person to be able to formulate a personalized plan. In fact, it should be remembered that, although vitamins taken through food or supplements are essential for life, some of these can have contraindications if taken in excessive quantities or for prolonged periods of time.

    How to take it: maximize the effectiveness of supplements for children

    Offering practical and pleasant methods of intake is crucial for the effectiveness of supplements. Maximizing the practicality, the taste, and the pleasantness of the gesture can bring to a greater regularity of intake, and therefore to the desired beneficial effects.

    This reflection is especially true at an early age. We all remember how as children bitter or unpleasant medicines, including, for example, cough syrup, were forced upon us by our parents. And it's not just a matter of whims: some people find it difficult to take supplements by swallowing tablets or pills, and are forced to resort to alternative methods.

    For this reason, the chewable formulation of NTP Biotech products is ideal for offering the child a pleasant taste, facilitating the intake of the supplement, anywhere and without the need for 'waterfall. In 5-10 minutes, chewing NTP Biotech chewing gum guarantees the complete absorption of the beneficial substances, offering a fun alternative to the classic tablets to swallow, syrups, and effervescent tablets, thus promoting the development and health of the little ones, facilitating the the task of the parents at the same time.