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Improve sports performance with food supplements

If getting the right nutrients through diet is important for everyone, this is especially true for those who practice high intensity sports, who can challenge the our body and consume the reserves of calories, vitamins, mineral salts, and other substances necessary to obtain maximum performance, as well as optimal recovery. Food supplements for sportsmen can help us to be able to count on what we need in a practical and efficient format.

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Supplements for athletes: which ones to choose

It would be difficult to list all the existing sports disciplines, but what is important to know is that depending on the characteristics of each of these, we may have to choose different types of supplements.

A further distinction is given by the moment in which you decide to take food supplements: before, during, or after the activity. Depending on this choice, you could opt for different solutions, which maximize the effectiveness of the substances inside the product.

Among the most popular sports supplements we find:


It is one of the most popular stimulant substances, which owes its name to one of the most widespread food sources: coffee. However, caffeine is also present in other foods such as tea, cocoa, or energy drinks. This alkaloid is included in many sports supplements, as it positively affects performance by increasing blood flow to the muscles, blood oxygenation and lipolysis.

Despite the many qualities of caffeine, it is advisable not to overdo it: excessive doses can lead to side effects such as tachycardia, headache, hyperexcitation, nervousness and insomnia. Furthermore, doses of caffeine greater than 12mcg/ml in the urine of competitive athletes lead to disqualification for doping.


Arginine is an important amino acid for health, and essential in some phases of life, such as puberty. It is normally taken through the consumption of meat, dried fruit and legumes.

In sports it is chosen for its antioxidant and immunomodulatory effects, beneficial especially in the case of prolonged efforts over time. L-arginine is usually taken before the training session.


L-carnitine is produced by the transformation of two amino acids, lysine and methionine, mainly in the liver and kidneys. The role of carnitine is to favor the transport of fatty acids in the mitochondrial chain, i.e. use them to produce energy. This substance has numerous functions, and similar to what happens for L-arginine, it also has various clinical applications. In the context of sports food supplements, this is used to counteract fatigue in endurance sports.

Tonus Gum, chewable food supplement for sportsmen

 What the tonus gum food supplement for sportsmen contains:







Rhodiola Rosea

Coenzyme Q10


Tonus Gum is the ideal chewable food supplement for those who practice sports. Thanks to its format, in fact, this can be easily transported during training and taken without the need for water or other preliminary preparations.

The composition of Tonus Gum is designed to recover energy after prolonged sporting activity, but not only. Thanks to its support for cognitive function, it is also suitable for finding maximum concentration in study or other intellectual activities.