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Nutraceuticals from Abruzzo to Vitafoods in Geneva

Vitafoods di Ginevra

Once again this year Ntp Biotech – a manufacturer of innovative food supplements – arrives at Vitafoods, the international fair in Geneva, Switzerland, one of the most important events in the nutraceutical sector. It will be an opportunity to meet exhibitors, visitors, new stakeholders and international speakers and to present NTP gums and chewing gums. It will be a privilege for us to share our mission: to provide valid and innovative support for a healthy lifestyle.

Promote innovative nutraceuticals, functional to well-being and disseminate their benefits within an online and offline system where they will flow, with forecast estimates around 15. 000 participants and 700 exhibitors from more than 120 countries around the world, it will be an opportunity to take an experiential journey to all visitors who will come to stand n°M270, at the Palaexpo from 9 to 11 May 2023.  

But let's try to summarize NTP Biotech's core business right away: nutraceuticals.

What is nutraceutical for us? 

“An important aspect to take into account in nutraceuticals - in a current data overflow - is innovation. In recent years, marked by the pandemic and by everything that makes our immune system vulnerable, the world of food supplements must, as an ethics and as a mission, give concrete and perceptible benefits for the health of those who use them usage. Nutraceuticals by definition is the combination of nutrition and pharmaceuticals, which acts as a positive agent to improve people's health and well-being. From here our reality is structured which offers quality food supplements, certified GMP FOOD, at the base of which there it is a Quality System applied and respected throughout the entire production cycle. Our commitment is in the prudent and careful choice of raw materials, in pursuing production standards and   precise and punctual controls on the product. The production process is monitored by constant checks for each finished step.  In short, our commitment is to pursue and have a supply chain that is attentive to the health and well-being of those who choose supplements NTP Biotech. All this will be at Vitafoods 2023, in Geneva”

Dr. ssa and CEO Patrizia Marini Ntp Biotech

NTP BIOTECH, therefore, an all-Italian start-up, inserted in the new context in which we find ourselves operating which is certainly different from that of 15 years ago when the Pnk Farmaceutici Group was born, which revolutionized the world of food supplements , positioning itself over time in the first places among the manufacturing companies.  

Where are we?

 The headquarters are located in Castellalto in the province of Teramo in a fairytale setting between the sea and the mountains. On one side the Gran Sasso of Italy and on the other the Adriatic Sea.  

Just as the mountain reflects the strength and vigor of the roots from which Ntp Biotech comes to life, the sea represents the naturalistic scenario aimed at the future in which the company integrates perfectly.

What will we bring to the fair? 

NTP will present a new range of functional chewing gum supplements with probiotics dedicated to oral care. To the latter will also be added chewing gum for memory and vision, together with classic food supplements with high nutraceutical value.

Many of the supplements in the NTP Biotech line are lactose-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and compatible with a vegetarian diet.

Vitafoods 2023 represents the'perfect opportunity to show an international audience the innovations in the field of food supplements brought by the'Italian company, and to create new connections aimed at developing increasingly effective products.