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Functional food supplements, everything you need to know

Integratori alimentari energetici

To stay healthy, the body needs essential substances for the proper functioning of every part of the body. These nutrients are usually obtained through the daily diet. When you experience deficiencies, due to incorrect eating habits or disorders that can make assimilation difficult, it is essential to ensure the right amount of these elements, the lack of which could cause unwanted effects and symptoms that are not insignificant. Thanks to functional food supplements, this condition can be overcome.

What are food supplements and why are they good

The term food supplements indicates all those products that are used to integrate the common diet, containing within them a concentration of essential nutrients for the human body such as vitamins, mineral salts, essential fatty acids, amino acids and extracts of plant origin. Functional food supplements are the perfect choice to ensure that the body and mind have the right amount of essential substances for carrying out physiological functions.

The nutraceuticals contained in NTP Biotech's functional chewing gum are the most precious allies for our health. The development of a new processing technique has allowed the creation of a highly safe and effective product in which the properties of all the ingredients present are kept intact. So as to always have a functional chewing gum at hand to address needs that we want to satisfy or nutritional deficiencies that we may suffer in the course of life.

How Biotech NTP chewing gum functional supplements are made

Traditional chewing gums are usually made using the extrusion technique, a working method that exploits high temperatures to obtain the final product.

For NTP Biotech nutraceuticals in the chewing gum format, production instead takes place with a new method that exploits cold compression. In this way the active components contained within maintain their health characteristics. Extracts, minerals and vitamins would not remain intact at high temperatures, because they are thermolabile. With cold processing, on the other hand, effectiveness is guaranteed.

The low temperature direct compression technology also allows us to offer chewable food supplements with a unique and irresistible taste. In addition to a rapid release of the active components, which begin to circulate in the body a few minutes after taking them, thanks to chewing which is able to convey the nutrients better and more quickly. The absorption of nutraceuticals already takes place in the mouth, thanks to the buccal mucosa. And it doesn't start after ingestion and passage through the gastro-intestinal tract, as happens with traditional supplementation.

Why use food supplements in the form of functional chewing gum

Functional chewing gums are recommended for those who want to integrate their diet in an easy and immediate way, with active components that immediately begin to perform their function to help the body stay healthy. The format is practical and comfortable and you don't need water to take it.
Without forgetting that the working methodology allows you to keep intact all the nutritional power of the elements that make up the different products of the NTP Biotech chewing gum range.