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Food supplement in chewing gum: all the benefits

Integratore alimentare in chewing gum: tutti i benefici. Donna che fa esercizi.


Wouldn't it be nice if we could intervene in a nutritional deficiency with a simple gesture like chewing a chewing gum? Food supplements in the form of chewing gum are the best formulation for a supply of nutraceutical nutrients useful to ensure the well-being of the whole organism.

The innovation of chewing gum supplements

The functional chewing gums are a small big revolution for health. Innovative products that can integrate the daily diet in case of deficiencies and be a source of active components useful for the correct functioning of the organism.

The need to make food supplements in chewing gum arose from the need to take care of ourselves in a much easier way. Simple as chewing gum. Wherever you are and at any time of the day they can be a precious ally. With a single gesture we can refresh the oral cavity and take all the nutraceuticals essential to feel good. The practical package is ideal for daily use and is developed in a format that can be easily kept with you at all times.
Functional chewing gums are tasty and ideal for those who are unable to take supplements in capsules or tablets without resorting to the use of water.

Functional rubber – the alternative to food supplementation

Functional chewing gums have a high concentration of nutritional components. Through chewing, the release of functional substances is much faster. By chewing, the absorption of nutraceuticals already takes place in the mouth through the buccal mucosa, while in traditional supplementation, absorption begins only after ingestion and the dissolution of the components in the gastrointestinal tract. It takes only 5-10 minutes for the complete absorption of the active components. For these reasons, functional chewing gums represent the new alternative to traditional supplementation.

NTP Biotech has developed a line of sugar-free food supplements, which contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, plant extracts, caffeine and much more.
Nutraceuticals, rich in benefits that are usually used in traditional food supplements, can now guarantee the well-being of mind and body in a form of much more pleasant intake.

What are functional rubbers and how do they work?

Functional chewing gums are not just chewing gums, but real food supplements to be taken in a new, easy and effective way. Simply by chewing gum! A low temperature direct compression technology is used which allows the production of gums with natural and nutraceutical ingredients without losing the health characteristics of the functional components. The goal is to provide the body with a rapid intake of vitamins, minerals and phytocomplexes that we are unable to guarantee with normal nutrition, due to unbalanced or problematic diets that do not allow for the correct assimilation of nutrients . In the world of food supplements, a great idea, which allows you to take the most suitable nutrients for your needs in a convenient format to keep in your pocket.

Why choose food supplements in chewing gum?

Many benefits of a functional chewing gum compared to a traditional food supplement or treatments aimed at achieving the same purpose.

We want to summarize them:

  • no water needed
  • Food supplements in chewing gum are easy to take anywhere, at any time of the day
  • always in your pocket
  • They can be an alternative to wellness treatments or products whose use would be much less practical
  • as you chew, you get benefits
  • Functional chewing gums offer a gradual release of nutritional substances. While we chew the gum, the nutraceutical principles are assimilated by our body
  • rapid absorption
  • The active ingredients are absorbed by the body shortly after administration, because part of the work is already done during chewing
  • a solution for different needs
  • Thanks to the different formulations, functional chewing gums can meet different needs, sharing the same operating method and the same advantages


NTP Biotech specializes in the direct sale to the consumer of food supplements in the form of chewing gum.
To always have a little bit of well-being in your pocket.