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Functional chewing gum: health ally

Do you know the properties of functional chewing gum?

Did you know that you can get various benefits for your health and well-being by simply chewing gum?

Functional chewing gum, thanks to the innovative formulation and the active nutraceutical components contained within, can help keep fit and are a new valid alternative to traditional supplementation, extremely simple to take in any situation.
There is no need for water: thanks to chewing, the effectiveness of the components is activated immediately.

Take care of your body by chewing gum

Maintaining optimal weight is crucial in terms of good health. It is not just an aesthetic factor, but also a well-being for the whole body. Being overweight or obese can lead to an increased risk of suffering from various ailments. Losing weight if necessary or trying not to gain extra pounds, at every stage of life, becomes important so that the body can function better, ensuring a more correct physical condition.
The chewing gum formulation increases the benefits thanks to a faster and easier intake of useful nutrients to counteract any problems.
By following a healthy, varied and balanced diet and practicing adequate daily physical activity, chewable food supplements can be a valid ally.

Functional chewing gum to fight cellulite

Against water retention and to favor the drainage of body fluids, NTP BIOTECH has included in its range of nutraceutical chewable supplements a product useful contain the phenomenon of cellulite BODY DRAIN GUM. The functional chewing gums are enriched with Bromelain and plant extracts of Green Tea and Orthosiphon, elements that lend a hand in combating orange peel skin blemishes.

Standing up or sitting for too long, lack of sleep, mental stress, heat, are among the main causes of the disorder.
Cellulite affects about 90% of women, regardless of age and physical shape and can also affect men.

This term commonly indicates the medical condition known as localized adiposity: i.e. a situation of altered metabolism at the level of the subcutaneous tissue, usually concentrated on the knees, thighs, buttocks and arms, which determines an increase in the size of the adipose cells and water retention in the intercellular spaces. Cellulite is in fact composed mainly of fat, or fat, and water.
The skin increases in consistency and loses elasticity. On palpation, granulations of various sizes and hard consistency are felt, with some knots that can be painful. The mobility of the skin on the underlying layers is reduced and the characteristic "orange peel" appearance appears.
Cellulite is contrasted with good eating and lifestyle habits, correct physical shape, exercise, massages or remedies aimed at combating it.

Functional chewing gum facilitates diuresis with consequent reduction of edema.
It therefore has a positive effect on the metabolism and helps to burn calories faster.

Chewing gum for physical and mental energy

Some years are more difficult than others. But there are also cyclical periods of the year that we feel heavier because they mark times when greater commitment is required on our part. Which can be physical or mental. Then we feel tired, with the need to recover our energy.
Our body is exhausted and cannot respond as we would like. We are more restless, nervous, anxious, we experience illnesses that impact our concentration and physical state.
Learning to manage tiredness means first of all recognizing it, and then moving towards a greater balance between the need for rest and recharging and all the daily tasks.
Good daily practices and a diet more capable of responding to these energy demands are the first suggestion to adopt. But there are also valid natural allies.
Caffeine, guarana, ginseng, arginine, carnitine, coenzyme Q10 and rhodiola rosea are among the main ingredients of TONUS GUM, the food supplement in chewing gum that improves energy and vitality of the organism.
For example, in view of an exam that worries us, in a moment of workload, or before an important physical effort, chewing gum works by reducing physical and mental fatigue due to overload or stress, increasing resistance muscle and making improvements in the ability to concentrate.
And while chewing, benefits are also obtained on the stimulation of the metabolism and mood.

Chewing gum against heartburn

Lifestyle and incorrect habits can cause an annoying disorder that affects the digestive system.
Acidity or heartburn is very common. Over the age of 50 it can affect one in two people.

It can be an occasional event or repeat itself throughout life, often after particularly stressful situations that impact the body. It can be linked to a meal that is difficult to manage, such as hormonal changes, use of drugs, interventions.

The problem is quite frequent even during pregnancy.

Sugar-free, with a pleasant peppermint flavor, NO ACID GUM is the functional chewing gum that helps neutralize stomach acid, prevent reflux, relieve the symptoms of ulcers, gastritis, colitis and heartburn. The product is also a practical remedy for pregnant women.

Inside: calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide and dry extract of chios mastic to promote the functions of the digestive system.

The advantages of functional chewing gum

Why dietary supplementation with functional chewing gum?
Because they are convenient: always at hand. They don't need water. They do not cause the embarrassment that can come from taking more impactful products. They are nutraceutical products, that is, nutraceutical and functional foods for the prevention and maintenance of well-being.
They can be conveniently kept in your pocket, bag, car and are able to quickly release the useful components in order to have the expected benefits. Their effects can be seen from the first intakes, following the dosage indications on the package.

They are an effective ally for feeling good, day after day.