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Do dietary supplements for weight loss work?

Whether it is for medical or aesthetic reasons, many of us dream of finding the perfect supplement to lose weight quickly. In fact, on a purely algebraic level, the problem of losing weight boils down to introducing fewer calories for a given period of time than are consumed during our days.

However, we know that this premise is studded with difficulties. Wrong eating habits and sedentary lifestyle are in fact elements that are often difficult to overcome.

The food supplements for weight loss cannot in any way produce miraculous results, but they represent a valid adjunct to achieving a negative calorie balance. This happens through dozens of different substances, which however have two main objectives: to reduce the sense of hunger and to accelerate the activity of the metabolism.

What is the best food supplement to lose weight?

In the context of a low-calorie diet and regular physical activity, some substances have been shown to be able to support weight loss:

Bitter Orange

bitter orange is a plant with extraordinary properties, whose uses go far beyond the world of food supplements. This hybrid, in fact, is used for its resistance qualities as a rootstock for all the citrus fruits we usually consume. In terms of food, substances extracted from the plant, and in particular synephrine, are used to promote the use of our fat reserves as an energy source, favoring their disposal.


In recent years, substances extracted from the fruit of Garcinia have grown enormously in popularity, especially in the United States.

Although native to tropical areas such as Vietnam, the Philippines, and Cambodia, Garcinia is now used all over the world for its slimming effects. In fact the hydroxycytic acid, present in the fruit helps the metabolization of body fats.


The dry extract of the ripe seeds of Griffonia simplicifolia is used due to the presence of the amino acid 5-hydroxytryptophan, a precursor of serotonin. This, in the context of food supplements for weight loss, is used to reduce the sense of hunger, especially in the case of carb-craving or carbohydrate addiction. The use of Griffonia is therefore recommended to counteract episodes of nervous hunger that can lead to uncontrolled binge eating.


The Gymnema Sylvestre is a plant traditionally used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, which is gaining increasing popularity in the West thanks to its hypoglycaemic effect. The active component obtained from the leaves is in fact able to counteract the absorption of sugars in the intestine, reducing the rate of glucose in the blood.

Supplements for fast weight loss

The best supplements for weight loss not only contain the right substances, but also adapt to our lifestyle. DIET PLAN GUM, the supplement formulated to maintain an ideal weight, contains extracts of bitter orange, garcinia, griffonia, and gymnema to promote metabolism, help the disposal of body fat and reduce episodes of nervous hunger.

Its chewable formulation allows it to be taken without water in any context, even at work or away from home. DIET PLAN GUM is of natural origin, to respect the food and ethical choices of anyone who decides to get rid of the extra kilos. Furthermore, it does not contain sugar and lactose.

The active components within the chewable supplement are fully released as early as 5 minutes after intake, ensuring rapid efficacy in helping you reach your weight goals.