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Diet Plan Gum, the functional chewing gum friend of your diet

Do you feel you put on a few pounds during the Easter holidays? You don't feel ready for the costume test yet and have you decided to resume that old diet that you abandoned after Christmas? Add some panache by using Diet Plan Gum, a chewing-gum food supplement that is a friend of your diet with plant extracts of Bitter Orange, Garcinia, Gymnema and Griffonia.

Diet Plan Gum is just one of the latest news from NTP BIOTECH, a company specializing in the sale of food supplements in sugar-free chewing gum, otherwise called “functional chewing gum”.

NTP BIOTECH produces various food supplements in chewing-gum format against anxiety, mental tiredness, drowsiness and draining. They help concentration and release mental energy, help control the sense of hunger, help maintain an optimal weight. In short, a real concrete help for your health, you just need to choose the one that best suits you!

Diet, diet, diet… How scary is this word?

Admit it, how many times have you thought: “Oh no, I have to go back on a diet”? You are not alone, most people prefer to play sports, but never touch your portion of lasagna! With all the delicacies that there are in our beautiful country, I understand that it is very difficult to start a diet to lose weight or simply to keep fit and have a healthy lifestyle.

But don't despair!

It's not that difficult, you just need to start and have a lot of determination.

How to get back in shape after the Easter holidays? There is a very effective solution, even if you probably won't like it as an idea: go on a diet. However, it's not that easy to do and that's why there are industry experts ready to lend a hand and make one perfect for you.

Did you know that at least 50% of people fail to lose weight in a year? And did you also know that those who succeed often get it back in the blink of an eye?

Do you know why this happens? Because you can't go on a diet. Not having the right tools, gross mistakes are made which in fact are useless, except to delude yourself that you have lost a few pounds. For this reason, in the first place, we advise you to contact an expert in the sector, a doctor, in order to have a clear picture of the situation.

There are no miraculous solutions, mind you, but with a lot of determination and willpower and supported by experts, you can really improve your physical condition and show off that swimsuit you love so much!

Useful advice for following a diet

As mentioned before, following a diet involves determination and willpower but following these tips can help you. Remember that the diet must be lived with peace of mind, not as a punishment. First, contact a specialist, with whom you will carry out the necessary checks and establish the right diet for you. After that, you can still follow these handy tips:

  • Drink water;
  • Healthy diet;
  • Doing sports.

Diet Plan Gum, the functional chewing gum friend of your diet

If these tips weren't enough, you could use Diet Plan Gum, a food supplement in chewing-gum with plant extracts of Bitter Orange, Garcinia, Gymnema and Griffonia which help control the sense of hunger, help to maintain an optimal and healthy weight by supporting the metabolism.

Diet Plan Gum is the perfect ally to counteract the sense of hunger and help you maintain an optimal weight, you just need to always carry it with you! Imagine a food supplement, in chewing-gum format, that doesn't need water... You just need to chew it like gum. Thanks to the use of an innovative cold compression technology that allows the properties of its active components to be kept unaltered, the functional mint-flavored chewing-gums guarantee rapid release in just 5 minutes.

What are the properties of functional chewing gum Diet Plan Gum?

The SYNEPHRINA from Bitter Orange has slimming properties which derive from its stimulatory effect on thermogenesis (heat production). It is able to reduce appetite and increase calorie consumption and lipolysis. GARCINIA is known as a weight loss remedy, this plant extract has the ability to promote body weight loss. The hydroxycitric acid present in garcinia helps in the metabolization of fats. GRIFFONIA is useful for controlling nervous hunger, which usually causes an irrepressible desire for food, especially carbohydrates and sugars. GYMNEMA promotes weight loss thanks to its hypoglycaemic action. Facilitates the disposal of sugars and therefore promotes weight loss and stimulates the metabolic transformation of glucose at the cellular level.

Why use Diet Plan Gum?

Reduces appetite, stimulates metabolism, counteracts nervous hunger and removes the desire for sweet food. It is recommended to use a maximum of 3 chewing gum a day.

Are you looking for a remedy against stress instead?

No Stress Gum, your source of relaxation; the functional chewing gum you were waiting for. It acts favorably on relaxation, counteracts anxiety and stress, restores a good mood. It is useful in case of panic attacks and contributes to reducing the time required to fall asleep. Improves sleep quality and fights insomnia.