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Food supplements: what they are, when to take them and how to regain well-being

chewing gum funzionale rimedio di salute


The food supplements are a valid aid for regaining well-being. They represent important sources of nutrients and precious substances for the correct functioning of the whole organism and intervene in case of deficiencies due to an incorrect or unbalanced diet, to particular moments in life that require greater needs, to disorders that can cause malabsorption of essential nutritional elements for the health of body and mind.

Food supplements, when intake is recommended

The supplements on the market are available in different formats, to be able to address different problems: they act through the innate properties of natural extracts, nutraceuticals, phytoelements, which combined together can help restore well-being to the whole organism. As the name suggests, they are used to "integrate", to add something that is missing in the everyday diet. They are not medicines, but in Italy as in the rest of the world they must follow very specific regulations which make their use safe, scrupulously following the instructions on the label.

They do not represent an alternative to a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but an additional solution to help every person feel better, in the event of a food deficit. They are adjuvants and treatments to support the correct functionality of the organism. And intervene on specific needs.

How functional chewing gums work

Chewing gum is a pleasure to which today we can also add a practical purpose to protect our health. To be able to guarantee, simply with a nutraceutical supplement in chewing gum format, an additional supply of essential nutrients.
Functional chewing gums are food supplements with a convenient and practical formulation, which refresh the oral cavity by starting to act already in the mouth, so as to speed up the absorption of all the precious substances found inside them.

From NTP Biotech research comes functional chewing gum rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and plant extracts, nutraceutical products useful for improving one's health. Thanks to the "cold" technology used, the healthy characteristics of the ingredients contained in each chewing gum are kept intact. Thus, simply by chewing a chewing gum with a pleasant taste, one can supplement one's diet or take advantage of the properties of nutraceuticals with a rapid release of the active components.


Supplements for well-being

The NTP Biotech functional chewing gums guarantee the right amount of nutrients to allow the body to regain health, lost energy, the calm and tranquility necessary to be able to better face each day. The range of food supplements in chewing gum is enriched with two products dedicated to those who always have a busy schedule and try to reconcile family and work by organizing themselves like a tightrope walker. In addition to being designed for all those people who want to remove fatigue and stress from their lives.

Energy Gum is the chewing gum supplement rich in caffeine extracts which can intervene to prevent fatigue and decrease energy, improving attention and concentration. A precious ally to use following the dosage shown on the package (up to 4 chewing gum a day), chewing for about ten minutes, so as to release all the nutritional components which will act quickly, allowing us to find the grit to cope to all our daily appointments.

On the other hand, if we are unable to clear the mind of negative thoughts, worries and problems that may have arisen in the office, there is NO STRESS GUM, with Tryptophan and extracts plants of Melissa and Scutellaria, to relax and regain mental calm. As the name itself suggests, it is to be used in case of stress, anxiety, but also if you suffer from frequent headaches. Up to 3 chewing gum a day should be taken to say goodbye to situations that don't allow us to find peace when the day ends.

Well-being is always at hand with NTP Biotech functional chewing gum. Taking care of ourselves has never been so simple and pleasant.